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We fill spaces with light

DO Design is a design studio that offers PERSONALIZED products and services, thinking of a DYNAMIC market and offering memorable EXPERIENCES

Lighting Objects Design

It is a priority for us to find a way to get the right lighting to your spaces.
We design luminaires according to every space needs.





Lighting Design / Retail

In retail stores is very important to highlight the brand personality through lighting. Every effect, every detail has to tell a story about what’s important for the brand.


Lighting Design / Restaurants

A right lighting looks forward to give a nice experience for the restaurant client. Also a proper lighting will guarantee safety for both clients and workers of the place. The most important aspects in a restaurant lighting design is to get the right amount of lighting in every zone and to create a nice atmosphere for the clients.



Lighting Design / Residential

A house is a versatile space where we do a lot of important aspects in our lives: to rest, to work, to study, to teach… Every aspect needs a specific kind of lighting, summing up all of them should feel warm as home.

Lighting Design / Other

The light is a versatile element we can find almost everywhere. Through light we can make awesome interventions that could benefit the people that use or habit the space. Thats why, urban lighting, hospital lighting, christmas lights, etc have a purpose to create an atmosphere and therefore an emotion or sensation to every person that is involved.