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DO Design
Lighting Design / Objects

DO Design is a design studio that offers custom products and services, thinking of a dynamic market and looking forward to give you an unforgettable experience.

Dadá Creations

We were born in 2010 as Dadá Creations and now we evolve to DO Design to continue growing and offer new formats and products.

Object Design




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How we do it

01 / Experience

Lighting Specialist

Our track record has brought us to evolve the way we design.

02 / Passion

Architectural Lighting

We’re passionate about the lighting, shapes, textures and spaces.

03 / Customizing

Special Luminaires

We are aware that our clients have special needs therefore we offer custom made solutions

04 / Elements

Lighting objects

We created a lighting objects line that could bring new and nice experiences for our customers.

05 / Partnership Working

Multidisciplinary team

We bring talents together so we can innovate and guarantee our clients great quality on our creations.

06 / Projects

Focus Design

We invest our attention on every project, taking care of every little detail.

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We want new challenges and fulfill your projects with creativity.

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